Frequently Asked Questions

Do you create customized treatment plans instead of one-size fits all programs? >
Upon the initial evaluation with the Texas Orthopedic and Physical Therapy Institute physical therapist, the patient's medical history, overall locomotors conditions as well as specific requests from the treating physician are assessed. We find it important to set specific goals that have to be achieved within allotted time frames. Our goal is to keep that patient comfortable, yet provide a therapeutic environment in which they can improve their functional level and fully return to their Activities of Daily Living.

Do you help the patient with insurance and scheduling issues? >
Texas Orthopedic and Physical Therapy Institute administrative support staff will handle all scheduling and insurance related issues. We make the process simple for your patients. Our staff works closely with the third parties involved to obtain all information necessary.

Are your facilities easily accessible? And do you offer transportation? >
Yes, getting to your appointments is easy and convenient. Texas Orthopedic and Physical Therapy Institute has two centralized locations in the greater Houston area and for those patients who are unable to travel we provide complimentary transportation.

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